Air Tightness Testing Northallerton.

We have been dong a lot of work around the Northallerton area of late, mainly because a local SAP assessor has been recommending us. The first job they recommended us for was a single house in Bedale. Well actually it was a pair of semi detached housed designed to get an air test score of below 6.

Phil explained to the developer that if the first house achieved a score of below 4 then he could apply the tested house score to the un-tested house. This is because there is currently a rule based on 50% or three, which ever is the least, of each property type on a development needing testing. (with the proviso that the tested houses achieve scores two better than the design air test score).

So Phil being an honest chap, gave the developer this information and offered to work with him during the test to achieve the desired score and avoid the other one needing to be tested. (the second one wasn’t ready to be tested that day and would have required a second visit and therefore another charge). So the test took place and the house initially scored 4.5 which was not sufficient to apply the score to the second property. However, Phil did not stop there, whilst the fan was running and the house was still in a state of depressurisation, Phil investigated where the air leakage was coming from. Areas identified were behind the kitchen, the airing cupboard, and behind the toilet and bath. Phil pointed these areas out to the developer and allowed him time to do some additional sealing up. He then ran the test again and the house achieved a score of 3.8 which was well below the score of 4.

On the face of it, this does not look like good business sense, in effect Phil has allowed the developer to avoid getting the second house tested at a later date and cost the business £180.00. However, what he has done is maintained the ethos of our business, where we place honesty above all other things. We would never knowingly withhold information from our customers and we would rather they benefit from our knowledge and expertise. This approach paid off this time as the developer fed this back to the SAP assessor who recommended us in the first place. Since then we have had numerous referrals from them and we have made the £180.00 many times over just for being honest in the first place.

We have a page on the website which outlines the testing regime for developments of more than one house. However, now that design air test scores are getting lower and lower there is less opportunity to apply the 50% rule.

This Article, Air Tightness Testing Northallerton was write by Mike Ramshaw (Director)

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