11 Dec 2015
Air Testing Yorkshire Van with green grass

Air testing can be a daunting experience for self builders and established building companies alike, but it needn’t be. Here at Northern Air Testing we are committed to helping our customers get through the air test with minimal difficulty. We can be available at a very early stage of your build to offer free information and advice to allow you to pass first time and take away some of the stress and anxiety associated with your air test. We also offer free pre test site visits and a free check list. Our free site visits were once described by a well known self build web site as ”an offer you can’t refuse”.

The free pre air test site visit offers our customers the opportunity to focus their attentions on the air test requirements at an early stage and allows them to instruct their sub-contractors to be mindful of the up and coming air test. Depending on how early we get involved in the build our advice can range from to following:

Solid dot and dab to the bottom of plasterboard.

This restricts the air flow from the cavity between the plasterboard and block work. From our experience most plasterers say that’s what they do and most developers say that’s what they ask for but, I’m afraid in reality 90% of the time it doesn’t happen.

Top Tip for developers. When seeking tenders for plastering work Ask for a quote to specifically include a solid dot and dab to the bottom edge of all boards.

Top tip for plasters. When tendering for work quote for solid dab and say why, It will impress developers that you have a knowledge of air testing and that you are conscientious.

Remember Northern Air Testing are here to help. We can offer information and advice at the early stage of your build but don’t worry if you have landed on this page at the end of your build and have just realised that you need an air test. We are very happy to offer you help and advice prior to your test. If you have a look at our website there are some useful