18 Dec 2015
Air Testing Newcastle

Well, no air testing company should guarantee an air test pass and if they do we recommend that you walk away and use a more reputable company.

In our experience, builders large and small can sometimes fail an air test. This is often no fault of their own and can simply be an oversight during part of the build process. It’s not the end of the world and problems can generally be rectified quite easily. Here at Northern Air Testing we pride ourselves in offering our customers on site advice when a property fails. We will point out any areas of weakness and make suggestions regarding appropriate remedial work. We will even stay and help if that’s what’s required.

If you do fail an air test you should expect a post-test report outlining the areas of weakness. This will help you rectify the issues prior to a re-test. It’s also worth asking the test engineer where the issues are and get them to show you whilst they are on site. If you can, get them to put the fan back on and walk you through the property pointing out the weak areas and make a list there and then. This can be very beneficial as an experienced air test engineer will be able to identify the most problematic areas and thus the most important areas to pay attention too.

If you are reading this article it would suggest that an air test is worrying you which is understandable, the word test in any context worries me! However, some simple safeguards and processes throughout the build will make the test day less daunting. So take a look at our ”top five tips” and ”air test check list” on our website, click on the link and we will email them to you. There is no catch and no obligation. If your site is in Yorkshire we will even offer a free pre test visit, where we can advise you on how best to prepare for test day.

Today’s article Tips

  • Print off our check list and pin a copy in a prominent place in your build or site office.
  • Give a copy to all your trades and make sure they understand what an air test is.
  • If you make a hole in any plaster board wall make sure its sealed immediately, especially if it’s going to be behind kitchen units, baths etc.

Phil Ramshaw (Director)

Northern Air Tightness Testing Services LTD. (A Yorkshire based air testing company)