Envelope: 184

Volume: 160

Area: 32

Initial Air Test Result 7.35 against a target of 5.0
House prepared by tester in accordance with ATTMA Standards

Areas of Weakness

Boiler Extract through the wall not sealed

Central heating pipes from the boiler penetrating through the ceiling not sealed

GF Cloaks sink waste not sealed around penetration through slab

Hole in plasterboard above toilet cistern not ‘patched’

Toilet supply pipe and waste not sealed where they penetrate through the plaster board

Area around sockets not ‘patched’

Underneath/behind kitchen units plaster board cut away to accommodate water supply pipes and not sealed

Bath not sealed against the tiled wall

Skirting not sealed against the floor and hole in floor board not repaired

Gap between top of the stairs and landing not sealed

Gap between newel post and plaster board not sealed


The Outcome

A report outlining these issues was prepared for the client and following remedial work to rectify the issues a re- test was carried out and a score of 4.56 was achieved.

This demonstrates the need to properly prepare the property to be tested in advance of the test date. This will save both time and money and help hit those all-important deadlines.

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