27 Nov 2018
Air Tightness Testing Staffordshire

Air Tightness Testing Staffordshire.

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Air Tightness Testing Staffordshire.

One of the best decisions we made was to call ourselves Northern Air Tightness Testing Services Ltd, especially the Northern bit. When we started the company, we thought our main catchment area would be predominately Yorkshire and the North East of England. However, we couldn’t have been more wrong. As our reputation for excellence grew, so did the area we cover and we now find ourselves travelling down to just north of London, up to the Scottish Boarders and anywhere in between. We have, month on month got busier, to the point where four of us are out testing on a daily basis.

We have therefore had to redefine what we think of as the north and think like those that live ‘down south’ So anything north of the Watford Gap is now the north.

The fact that we are now very busy  has not detracted from high standards of service. Whoever, attends to carry out your air test, be it Marc, Adam, Phil or Mike we will work in exactly the same way. Someone once described this to me as the McDonald’s approach, which I suppose they have a point but it works.

So why Air Tightness Testing Staffordshire as a title?

Well of all the areas we cover we have very little work in the Staffordshire area, which is a shame as it is my county of birth (home town Cheadle). We have a booking this week in Stoke with an existing customer of ours who suggested we target this area. He has repeatedly used our services and praised our support and ongoing advice we give him. This has included our free Air Test Check List which he prints out and has a copy pined to his site cabin. He also issues one to each of his sub contractors prior to them starting work. He describes this as a way of ‘concentrating their minds, in relation to the air tightness regime of the build. He even insists that the plastering contractors quote for a ‘solid dot and dab’ to each board IE as a minimum, solid line of bond to the bottom of each board. (Best practice is to picture frame each board with adhesive and then dot and dab the middle). He then tells them that the air testers will know if this is not done, ‘which is actually correct’.

So why picture frame each board?

Well in a nutshell on a traditional stone/brick, block, plasterboard construction, the plasterboard is the air tight barrier and any penetration in the plasterboard will leak. Most people think that this means down lighters and sockets and they are correct, however, what is often overlooked is the bottom of the plasterboard where it falls short of the floor. This area is generally finished of with skirting boards but behind kitchen units and baths it is often left unfinished. We highlight this in our check list, however, if the plasterboard has been picture framed this dramatically reduces air leakage from the bottom of the boards. (Check out the check list on our web page). However, please do not rely on the skirting to give an air tight seal as air will still escape from the bottom. If you think about the small gap at the bottom of your skirting board and then multiply that gap by the total of its length it will equate to a large hole.

So basically you should not worry about sockets and down lighter. If you have been careful with the boarding out then the small amount of leakage from these areas will make little difference to the final score. However, for sockets the plasterer should have done a picture frame of bond around the perimeter of each socket cut out. As far as down lighters go, always use the sealed units rather than the open bulb type, especially if you are using a lot of down lighters throughout the property.




Tips from : Air Tightness Testing Staffordshire

Download our check list, print it off and display in prominently in the site cabin or the plot.

Ensure that everyone working on site is aware of the air tightness regime.

Ring us for advice, its free.


Article Air Tightness Testing Staffordshire  by Phil Ramshaw (Director)

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