19 Feb 2017
Air Testing Stockport Greater Manchester

Air Testing Stockport

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Air Testing Stockport.

There has been quite a controversy about building new homes in the Greater Manchester area and there have been several items on the local news about it. Its amazing how many people object to having new housing estates built near where they live. I can sort of understand it, if you are overlooking green fields and your beautiful view is going to be spoilt, however, some of the footage I have seen on TV has been of residents complaining whilst stood in the gardens of their relatively new homes!! Seems a bit hypocritical to me. However, it is also quite puzzling why there are still so many brown field sites all over the Greater Manchester area, I see it all the time when out air testing in the region. Why can’t these be developed instead of digging up the green belt?

Anyhow, wherever these houses are being built, one thing for sure is that they are going to need to have an air test at some point. So if your are either a one off builder, or an experienced developer you might want to consider using our services to satisfy part L of building regulations. Here are some of the reasons for choosing Northern Air Tightness Testing Services:

  1. We are committed to  providing a first class customer service where we guarantee that you will receive your air test certificate on the same day as the successful air test.
  2. We provide on going support and advice throughout your build project (free advice).
  3. We don’t sub contract our air testing work. when you book the air test it will be one of our test engineers that will carry out the air test.
  4. We will work with you on the day of the test and if necessary will either offer advice regarding any remedial work should the desired score not be achieved. We will also carry out additional permanent sealing during the test to help achieve a pass.
  5. We will definitely not cheat to get you through your test but we will endeavour to ensure you are provided with the appropriate advice/solutions to ensure a successful retest.
  6. We are a family run company and we care about what we do. This is reflected in or working relationship with our customers.
  7. We have a very competitive pricing structure which is flexible enough to appeal to the one of builder and the larger house developer who is requiring multiple tests per site visit.
  8. We are also accredited to test/certificate your ventilation system.



Tips from : Air Testing Stockport.

Involve us at planning stage and we can advise on both air tightness and ventilation.

Remember to look at our top tip page on the website.

Make sure you download out air test check list.

When building a self build or a multiple plot development attention to detail is essential.


Article  Air Testing Stockport  by Phil Ramshaw (Director)

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