13 Nov 2016
Air Testing Kendal

Air Testing Kendal.

Air Testing Kendal.

We have been back in the Lake District this week testing on a fantastic eco development by Egg Homes. They are building 22 individually designed homes to a fantastic standard. We have already tested two of the house and they are brilliant, both in how they look and how well they do with their air tests. The build quality is so good that they have not needed to use any sealants on the internal skin of the build. essentially the external block work windows and doors are the air tight barrier.

I have previously talked about the importance of team work and attention to detail in previous blog posts and this development exemplifies this message. I had the opportunity to have a chat with the construction manager, Ashley Reece, when I was on site and was impressed with his enthusiasm for the development. He is clearly committed to building genuinely eco friendly, sustainable homes that will last for generations. Ashley, also took the time to show me how the houses were constructed. (I will do a more detailed blog about this shortly).

Sustainability is not just restricted to the homes on this development but also includes the surrounding area and community. Just by talking to the team on site over my two visits I have found out that Egg Homes are supporting a mental health charity (Grow Well) who have been allocated some growing space on site. They are also supporting the local Hincaster Trailway that passes close to the development. I have got to say I have never, been to a site where there is such enthusiasm for the surrounding environment.



Tips from : Air Testing Kendal.

Involve us at planning stage and we can advise on both air tightness and ventilation.

Team work is essential in achieving your desired air test score.

Attention to detail.

Check out our top tips page and down load our air test check list.


Article  Air Testing Kendal by Phil Ramshaw (Director)

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