16 Jan 2017
Air Testing Introduction. Mike and Phil directors of Northern Air Testing

Air Testing Introduction

Air Testing Introduction.

I have been blogging about air testing and our services for over a year now and I still have loads to talk about, however, this blog is going to be slightly different. We were approached, by the company that look after our PA services, wanting a photo of myself and fellow director Mike as they were going to do a social media post about their services and how they assist us in delivering our service. This got me thinking and I realised that we are almost faceless on our website, so here is a blog about us, and a mug shot of both Mike and myself.

History of Northern Air Testing.

Mike started the business eight years ago as a sole trader and predominately sub-contracted his  services to one company who specialised in SAP work. He supplemented this work with the odd individual job else where. This worked well for a number of years and his work steadily increased. Then about three years ago he got to the point where there was too much work for him to realistically cope with. The company he subbed to suggested that he might need to either take someone on or they would sub some of the work else where.

This is where I came in.

We were traveling down the motorway on the way to our annual golf break, Mike mentioned his situation and we were discussing what he might do. I suggested that I join him as I needed a change in direction following some health issues. I was due to take early retirement anyway, but wanted another challenge, rather than just putting me feet up. So the discussions went from there and as they say ”the rest is history” Well it was not quite as simple as that but that’s another story.

Three years later.

We are now a limited company with Hannah in the office and our newest recruit Adam, working as an air tester. We no longer sub contract to the original company (another long story) but have tripled our original turnover compared to when we subbed to them. We have established a fantastic working relationship with our customers who range from large national house builders to individual self builders.

We pride ourselves in providing a first class customer service at a competitive price. We are happy to offer free advice and have a team working ethos with the companies and individuals that commission our service.

Our favourite saying is ” We won’t cheat but will do our utmost to ensure you pass you air test”


Tips from : Air Testing Introduction.

Involve us at planning stage and we can advise on both air tightness and ventilation

Check out our top tips page and down load our air test check list.


Article Air Testing Introduction by Phil Ramshaw (Director)

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Northern Air Testing is an ATTMA authorised air testing company.