19 Oct 2016
Air Testing Greater Manchester

Air Testing Greater Manchester.

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Air Testing Greater Manchester.

Its incredible how many new homes developments are coming out of the ground in the North West. One of us seems to be testing over there every day. I blame Brexit ”Ha, Ha” Joking aside, things seem to be booming in the building trade and it seem that every corner we turn, there is some sort of new build taking place. This is why we have expanded our team to ensure we can continue to offer a first class prompt service. The Job we did in the Greater Manchester  was a last minute booking because the developers regular tester was not available, the same happened a couple of week ago with a job up in Durham, (see Adams Blog).

This was an unusual job because the building control officer assigned to this development suggested that the previous air test scores on the tested properties were too low ?? and that they should have achieved scores above five rather than the four they achieved. We were asked to come and test the remaining houses and achieve a score above five. This was obviously wrong and therefore we contacted the building control officer in question and had a long discussion about air testing, SAP calculations and ventilation. It turns out that he was a little confused about the relationship between air tightness and ventilation. We were therefore able to test the properties and advise on appropriate ventilation based on the achieved air test scores. The properties performed very well and were a credit to the developer, its unbelievable that the high quality builds were almost scuppered by a confused building control officer.

This highlights the need to consider both ventilation and air tightness at the planning stage of your build. On the back of this job we have been asked to contribute to the developers next development and consult at planning stage.


Tips from :  Air Testing Greater Manchester.

If you need an urgent air test then give us a call and we will do our utmost to fit you in. We will even work out of hours if necessary at no extra cost.

Involve us at planning stage and we can advise on both air tightness and ventilation.

Check out our top tips page and down load our air test check list.

We don’t just turn up and do an air test and tell you if you have passed or failed. We are happy to stay and work with your team. We definitely won’t cheat you through your test but we will, within reason, stay and assist you in achieving the desired result.

Don’t rely on what your building control officer says, they are generally very good but on occasion can get it wrong. If you have any concerns re the air tightness or ventilation of your property development, give us a call. Our advice is free.


Article  Air Testing Greater Manchester by Phil Ramshaw (Director)

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