16 Oct 2016
Air Testing Durham

Air Testing Durham.

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We are pleased to introduce our new fully qualified air tester, Adam Reel to our team and publish his first blog.

Air Testing Durham

A few months ago, I was studying engineering at university with no idea what I wanted to do with myself or where to go with my career. Fortunately, Phil and Mike found me and offered me a job I couldn’t refuse! I had never heard of air testing when they first approached me, but very quickly I was introduced to this fascinating field through attending a training course with Stroma. Here, I learned the ins and outs of everything to do with the job, from an in depth analysis of how the air pressure scores are calculated, to the practical side of running the test. The course was well run by Paul Carling who has a vast amount of knowledge to share with everyone on the course.

That was the beginning of my learning curve. I have since been shadowing both Mike and Phil over the last two months. This invaluable experience has taught me that air testing is not just about setting up the equipment, running a test and then going home. On many sites it involves working with the client to identify and make sure that all the areas of air leakage are sealed. This is done by assessing the property, firstly visually and then by depressurising the building and identifying areas of weakness. If necessary, also helping to seal with silicone, mastic and foam to ensure that the customer gets their air test score below the value that they need to successfully pass the test.

My first couple of months have been a great experience. I have particularly enjoyed learning and then utilising my skills to the maximum. I have also enjoyed meeting and engaging with clients from all over the North of England and look forward to fostering continued business relationships.

I found out this week that I have passed the air testing course and have carried out my first unsupervised air test.

One of the first jobs that I went on was an air test up in Durham, where we tested a fantastic two million pound house, which I have to say was lovely. This is where I realised the ethos of Northern Air Testing that Mike and Phil had talked to me about. When we arrived on site, the developer immediately thanked us for coming at such short notice, but also expressed his concerns as to whether the property was going to pass. It turned out that the developer had forgotten to book his test in with his existing air test provider, who had tested the other eight properties on the site. He said that they were unable to attend for at least a week, unfortunately, handover was next day, with penalties attached for lateness.

Phil explained to me that the booking had come in late the previous day and as the developer had explained his predicament, Phil had re-planned his diary to fit him in. This meant that we carried out an air test in North Wales in the Morning and then drove to Durham for the afternoon. Phil also reassured the developer that we would not just ”do an air test and provide a score, pass or fail, but would stay and work with the build team if necessary, to ensure a favourable result. Sure enough, when the fan was running, there was an area of weakness coming from under the kitchen units. Phil pointed this out to the developer and he had his labourer foam fill the offending area. (where the plasterboard fell short of the floor). Sure enough this did the trick and the fan speed dropped dramatically.

I now have an understanding about how to run a successful business and put the customer at the forefront of what you do. When we left the site, I asked Phil about this job and he said this. If you provide a first class service then the first time customer is likely to become a repeat customer. I this case, knowing the predicament the developer was in I would have tested the property out of hours if necessary. The developer said he would use Northern Air Testing in future.


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If you need an urgent air test then give us a call and we will do our utmost to fit you in. We will even work out of hours if necessary at no extra cost.

Check out our top tips page and down load our air test check list.

We don’t just turn up and do an air test and tell you if you have passed or failed. We are happy to stay and work with your team. We definitely won’t cheat you through your test but we will, within reason, stay and assist you in achieving the desired result


Article  Air Testing Durham by Phil Ramshaw (Director)

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